Just Like Paradise (Album Version) 1988 David Lee Roth
TrekJust Like Paradise (Album Version)

Artis: David Lee Roth

Album: Skyscraper

Waktu rilis: 26-01-1988

Just Like Paradise (就像天堂) (Album Version) - David Lee Roth

Written by:DAVID LEE R/David Lee Roth/Brett Tuggle


Rockin' steady in her daddy's car


She got the stereo


With the big guitars


And that's all right


(all right)


I got the itch

And a restless soul


She gone with the wind


Gonna go for broke tonight


And that's all night

Girl we've been meant for this

Since we were born


No problems now (the coast is clear)


It's just the calm before the storm


This must be just like livin' in paradise


And I don't want to go home


Suzy Suzy Girl for cryin' out loud

You got all the right moves


You make me eat my heart out




And that's all right with me


No special favors

Make it out to cash


We'll spend it later


Got to make this romance last


That's it that's it


Some folks say "easy come is easy go"


(And some folks say)


But one night ain't enough for me


Girl hang on tight and don't let go

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