Dying To Reach You - Album version 2003 Point Of Grace
TrekDying To Reach You - Album version

Artis: Point Of Grace

Album: 24

Waktu rilis: 16-12-2003

Dying To Reach You - Point Of Grace

He looked through temples of time

To see you right where you stand

He emptied all of Himself

So He cuold reach out His hand

To give hope and meaning


To the wasted away

And you are one of the ones

That He was dying to save

He was dying to reach you

Trying to meet you

Where you need Him most

You've been living in search of

The whole truth and real love

Your whole life through

You can open your heart

'Cause He's dying to reach you


He's standing there at the door

You can hear Him call you by name

He simply waits to forgive

All of the guilt and the shame

He gave up His own life

And He still bears the scars

He only wants to receive you

So come as you are



Oh, He has waited time and time before

You must be still and know that He is Lord



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