Shut Up, Be Happy (Album Version) 1989 Ice T
TrekShut Up, Be Happy (Album Version)

Artis: Ice T

Album: The Iceburg / Freedom Of Speech

Waktu rilis: 01-10-1989


Shut Up, Be Happy (Album Version) - Ice T

We interrupt this program with a special bulletin


America is now under marshal law


All constitutional rights have been suspended,


stay in your homes


Do not attempt to contact loved ones,


insurance agent or attorney, shut up


Do not attempt to think or depression may occur,


stay in your homes


Curfew is at 7 PM sharp after work


Anyone caught outside the gates

of their subdivision sectors after curfew

Will be shot, remain calm,


do not panic


Your neighborhood watch officer

will be by to collect urine samples

In the morning


Anyone caught interfering

with the collection of urine samples

Will be shot, stay in your homes,


remain calm


The number one enemy of progress is questioned


National security is more important than individual will


All port broadcasts will proceed as normal


No more than two people

may gather anywhere without permission


Use only the drugs prescribed

by your boss or supervisor


Shut up, be happy,


obey all orders without question


The comfort used to mandor it,

is now mandatory


Be happy, at last everything is done for you


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