Broken Bicycles 1991 Maura O'connell
TrekBroken Bicycles

Artis: Maura O'connell

Album: A Real Life Story

Waktu rilis: 19-02-1991

Broken Bicycles (LP Version) - Maura O'connell

Broken bicycles

Old busted chains

With busted handle bars

Out in the rain

Somebody must

Have an orphanage for

All these things that nobody

Wants any more

Septembers reminding july


Its time to be saying good-bye


Summer is gone

Our love will remain

Like old broken bicycles

Out in the rain

Broken bicycles


Dont tell my folks

Theres all those playing cards

Pinned to the spokes

Laid down like skeletons

Out on the lawn

The wheels wont turn

When the other has gone

The seasons can turn on a dime

Somehow I forget every time

the things that youve given me

Will always stay

Broken but Ill never throw them away


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