Poison Was The Cure 1990 Megadeth
TrekPoison Was The Cure

Artis: Megadeth

Album: Rust In Peace

Waktu rilis: 24-09-1990

Poison Was The Cure

I miss the warm embrace I felt

First time you touched me

Secure and safe in open arms


I should have known you'd crush me

A snake you were when we met

I loved you anyway

Pulling out your poisoned fangs

The venom never goes away

Serpent swims free in my blood


Dragons sleeping in my veins


Jackyl speaking with tongue


Roach egg laying in my brain


Once stalked beneath your shadow

Sleepwalking to the gallows

I'm the sun that beats your brow in

Til I finally threw the towel

Never knowing if I'd wake up in a

Whirlpool got redundant

My brain was just some driftwood

In a cesspool I became dead


From a rock star to a desk fool

Was my destiny someone said

Loves a tidepool

Taste the waters life's abundant

Taste me

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