Guity (Remastered Version) 1974 Randy Newman
TrekGuity (Remastered Version)

Artis: Randy Newman

Album: Good Old Boys

Waktu rilis: 14-02-1974

baby Yes I been drinkin

And I shouldn’t come by I know

But I found myself in trouble

And I had nowhere else to go

Got some whisky from the barman

Got some cocaine from a friend

I just had to keep on movin


Til I was back in your arms again


Guilty baby I’m guilty


And I’ll be guilty the rest of my life

How come I never do what I’m supposed to do

How come nothin that I try to do ever turns out right


You know you know how it is with me baby


You know I just can’t stand myself


And it takes a whole lot of medicine


For me to pretend that I’m somebody else

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