Car Thief 2004 Beastie Boys
TrekCar Thief

Artis: Beastie Boys

Album: Paul's Boutique

Waktu rilis: 27-04-2004

Car Thief - Beastie Boys


Some static started in the pool hall

Hit a motherf**ker's face with the cue ball

Then I met this girl she tried to gank me

So I smacked her in the booty with a plank B

Me and my crew out breaking windows

The bingo the lotto you know I'll never win those

Possession is half the law


I had my routines before all y'all

Your whole life is coming apart at the seams

You ain't nothing but a car thief biting routines

See I'm a city slicker I ain't no townie

Right now I wish I had another hash brownie

Like Ricky always said you've got to toke and pass

Or Mookie's gonna kick your motherf**kin' a**

You try to take what isn't yours like a God damn rat

See personally I wouldn't want to go out like that


I'm a writer a poet a genius I know it

I don't buy cheeba I grow it


People always trying to get next to me

I had a beautiful experience on Ecstasy

I smoked up a bag of elephant tranquilizer

Because I had to deal with the money hungry miser

Had a cane filled Kool with my man Rush Rush

Saw my teeth fall in the sink when I started to brush

You be doing nose candy on the Bowie Coke Mirror

My girl asked for some but I pretended not to hear her

You can't deny me you always want to try me

Yo you're just gonna get your a** kicked

Homeboy throw in the towel

Your girl got dicked by Ricky Powell

The Godfather of Soul in the belly of the beast

Smoking that dust at St Anthony's Feast


All the wife beaters and all the tax cheaters

Sitting in the White House pulling their peters

Buy my cheeba from the cop down the street

The only cop with a rope chain walking the beat

So like a sneaky pouch time bomb tickin'

Like the beat to my rhyme just kickin'


Space cake cookies I discover who I am

I'm a dusted old bummy Hurdy Gurdy Man


Five-O caught me now I'm going to the mountains

Said goodbye to my girl my lawyers and accountants

My mind is kinda rhymin' and I think I oughta think

So I'm rockin all the rhymes and I'll have another drink

So the lights are flashing my mind is spinning

I feel like it is always the beginning

Of another rhyme I'm rapping MCing I rock

You ain't nothing but a car thief who must be stopped

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