Holding On Too Tight 2002 Blue Rodeo
TrekHolding On Too Tight

Artis: Blue Rodeo

Album: Palace Of Gold

Waktu rilis: 08-10-2002

Holding On Too Tight - Blue Rodeo

I wouldn't mind if you told me

I was wasting time


It's hard for me here trying to say these

Things with you so near

I'm already undone already undone


Now is the time I should leave

These useless things behind

But fool that I am


I try to stay inside of your latest plan

I'm already undone


This time I promised myself that

I wouldn't sink so far

But here I am I'm wrapped around you

In the glow of this empty bar


I wish I could hold my tongue

And finally say goodnight

Am I holding on too tight


Hours ago


I could pride myself on some control


But plans that I've made disappear

With every drink that's laid

I'm already undone already undone


Yeah there's a way but I can't even

Keep one single word I say

And I've been wrapped around

Your finger from the very first day


I wish my legs would work and

I could run out in the night

Am I holding on too tight


I wouldn't mind if you put me out of

My hurt some time

I'm waving the flag


Chasing beauty shouldn't be such a drag

I'm already undone


Already undone


Now I am lost and I can't even feel my head

While you and all your friends

Are laughing about something you wish you'd said

I wish I could just reach up and turn out every light

Am I holding on too tight

Yes I know I'm holding on too tight

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