Tramp 1992 Otis Redding

Artis: Otis Redding

Album: The Very Best Of Otis Redding

Waktu rilis: 10-11-1992

Tramp (LP Version) - Otis Redding

Tramp, what you call me?

Tramp, you didn't

You don't wear continental

clothes or Stetson hats


Well, I tell you one dog-gone thing

It makes me feel good

to know one thing

I know I'm a lover,


matter of opinion

That's all right,

mama was, papa too


And I'm the only child,


lovin' is all I know to do


You know what, Otis? What?

You're country, that's all right

You straight from the Georgia woods,

that's good


You know what? You wear overalls


And big old Brogan shoes


And you need a haircut, Tramp


Haircut? Woman, you foolin'

Ooh, I'm a lover


Mama was, grand ma was, papa too

Boogaloo, all that stuff


And I'm the only son-of-a-gun


This side of the sun, Tramp


You know what, Otis?

I don't care what you say

You're still a tramp, what? That's right

You haven't even got a fat

bankroll in your pocket

You probably haven't

even got twenty-five cents

I got six Cadillacs,

five Lincolns, four Fords

Six Mercuries, three T-Birds, Mustang

Ooh, I'm a lover, what 'bout me

My mama was, my papa too


I tell you one thing, well tell me

I'm the only son-of-a-gun, yeah


On, this side of sun


You're a tramp, Otis, no, I'm not

I don't care what you say

You're still a tramp,

what's wrong with that?

Look here, you ain't got no money

I got everything

You can't buy me

all those minks and sables

And all that stuff I want

I can buy you minks,

rats, frogs, squirrels

Rabbits, anything you want, woman

Look, you can go out

in the Georgia woods

And catch them, baby,

oh, you foolin'

You're still a tramp,


that's all right

You a tramp, Otis,

you just a tramp

That's all right


You wear overalls,

you need a haircut, baby


Cut of some of that hair, baby


You think you're a lover, huh?

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