Chelsea Lovers 1995 Dave Stewart
TrekChelsea Lovers

Artis: Dave Stewart

Album: Greetings From The Gutter

Waktu rilis: 28-02-1995

Chelsea Lovers - Dave Stewart

When he found her

He stayed down there


With his velvet pills

And her purple hair


In a room so dark


They could barely crawl


With orange posters


On Victorian walls


It was Saturday night


And he felt like death


She just wanted to be loved


Like anybody else


Saturday night


And the clock never stopped


She felt like a loser

On top or the pops


The Chelsea lovers


With guillotine lips


Mascara egos


Doing a magazine strip


Chelsea lovers


In a vicious town


With lipstick futures


Like a couple of clowns


Strange creatures


In the eider down


Teenage oblivion


Waiting to be crowned


Holes in the mattress


Where these beasts have lain


Awake until morning


With ice in their veins


Facing each other

Their eyes never met


He just wanted to be straight


It never happened to him yet


Both of them laughing


But they can't understand


What it is about friendship


Makes you hold your own hand


The Chelsea lovers


Oh how they can talk


With their tongues connected


And their skin like chalk


Chelsea lovers


They're joined at the hip


With the power of madness


At their fingertips


Chelsea lovers


With their limbs entwined


Making moon sized promises


From their molecule minds


Stardust lovers


In a Ziggy cartoon


Two solemn lovers


In a Chelsea room.


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