One More Story dari Peter Cetera

One More Story

Peter Cetera28 Des 2004 10 - Lagu & Album Musik

One More Story

This is the first CD I ever purchased, but I had not listened to it in it's entirety for several years. Recently, there was an unmarked cassette tape in my car, and out of curiousity I popped it in the player. I'm glad I did. On one side was 'World Falling Down' and on the other 'One More Story.' I could make a case that either one is his best work, and an even stronger case that taken together they represent the best work of Peter Cetera. 'One More Story' is one of those albums where, even if you did not like the songs, you would find yourself listening in wonder to the voice that is Peter Cetera. I never liked the production of his first solo effort, 'Solitude/Solitaire' and by 1995's 'One Clear Voice' CD, he had fully gone adult contemporary. 'One More Story' and 'World Falling Down', and especially the former, find him in great voice and rocking. Of the 10 songs on 'OMS,' only four are ballads (and they are pretty darn good ones). When you think of Peter Cetera, you don't think of turning it up to 11, but put on 'Save Me' or 'You Never Listen To Me' and turn it up. You'll know what I mean.
About One More Story :

Kalau kamu mencari album untuk bikin asik suasana hati, coba dengerin One More Story secara online di JOOX sekarang!One More Story dari Peter Cetera dirilis pada 28 Des 2004. Menampilkan artis populer, album ini adalah komposisi yang luar biasa keren dengan total lagu 10.