DJ In the Night2013年4月11日


Crying (哭泣) - DJ In the Night

I was all right for a while

I could smile for a while

But i saw you last night

You held my hand so tight

When you stopped to say hello

You wished me well

You couldn't tell that

I've been crying over you'

Crying over you and you said "so long" left me

Standing all alone' alone and crying' crying' crying' crying

It's hard to understand

But the touch of your hand can start me crying

I thought that i was over you but it's true' so true

I love you even more than i did before

But darling' what can i do

For you don't love me

And i'll always be crying over you' crying over you

Yes now you're gone

And from this moment on' i'll be crying' crying' crying' crying

Yeah' crying' crying over you