Andy Williams2013年6月19日



Domino - Andy Williams (安迪·威廉斯)


Domino domino you're an angel


That heaven has sent me


Domino domino you're a devil

Designed to torment me


When your heart must know


That I love you so


Tell me why tell me why


Why do you make me cry domino


When look in your eyes

I melt with desire


I touch of your hands

And I burst into fire


My whole world fills with music


When I'm lost in your embrace


I know that you're fickle

And I'm not misled


Each attractive new face

That you see turns your head


And it scares me that tomorrow


Someone else may take my place


Domino domino won't you tell me

You'll never desert me


Domino domino if you stay

I don't care how you hurt me


Fate has made you so


You can't change I know


You can't change though you try


But then neither can I domino


Domino domino I'll forgive

Anything that you do


Domino domino nothing matters

If I have you


Domino domino