Remind Me

Peggy Lee2012年2月1日

Remind Me - Peggy Lee (佩吉·李)

Written by:Jerome Kern/Dorothy Fields

Remind me not to find you so attractive


Remind me that the world is full of men


When I start to miss you to touch your hand to kiss you


Remind me to count to ten


I had a feeling when I met you


You'd drive me crazy if I let you


But all my efforts to forget you


Remind me I'm in love again


I begin my heart while in hike


And I suddenly there I can take you


While leave you along then you begin


That begin the again and lose

I give in again


I have awhile made the still my friends


But when the see you about to ben


Remind me not to mention that I love you


Remind me to be sorry that we met


Although I adore you remind me to ignore you


You're one thing I will regret


So when your charm begins to blind me


I'll simply tie my hands behind me


Don't let me kiss you please remind me


Unless my darling you forget