John Denver2013年8月12日


Autograph - John Denver (約翰·丹佛)

Here I am closing my eyes again


Tryin' so hard not to see all the things that I see


Almost willing to lie again


I swear that it just isn't so it just isn't me


We are never alone even though we'd like to be


Then I go and open my eyes again


Love in your eyes is the thing that I'd most like to see


I'd be willing to die again


To know of a place and a time that it always will be

Chorus: This is my autograph


Here in the songs that I sing


Here in My cry and my laugh


Here in the love that I bring

To be always with you


And you always with me


Say a prayer and open your heart again


You are the ove and the light that we all need to see


Always willin' to shine and then


Peace on this Earth is the way that it always can be