F.D.R. Jones

Ella Fitzgerald2011年11月23日


F.D.R.Jones - Ella Fitzgerald (埃拉·菲茨傑拉德)


I hear tell there's a stranger

In the Jones' household

(Yes siree yes siree) That's what I am told

I hear tell there's a new arrival six days old

(Yes siree yes siree) Worth his weight in gold

Come right in and meet the son


Christening's done time to have some fun

(Yes Siree yes siree) yes siree-e-e-e


(Yes siree yes siree-e)


It's a big holiday everywhere


For the Jones Family has a brand new heir

He's a joy heaven sent and they proudly present

Mr Franklin D Roosevelt Jones


When he grows up he never will stray


With a name like the one that he got today

Has he walks down the street

Folks will say "pleased to meet

Mr Franklin D Roosevelt Jones"


What a smile and how he shows it


He'll keep happy all day long


What a name I'll bet he knows it


With that handle how can he go wrong

And the folks in the town all agree


He'll be famous as famous as he can be

How can he be a dud

Or a stick-in-the-mud

When he's Franklin D Roosevelt Jones

Yes Siree yes siree yes siree-e-e-e


`Cause he's Franklin D Roosevelt Jones