I Can't Get Started With You

Patti Page, Nelson Corbin, Lynn Franklin2013年1月5日


I Can't Get Started With You - Patti Page (帕蒂·佩奇)/Nelson Corbin/Lynn Franklin

I've clown around the world in a plane

I've settled revolutions in spain

The north pole I have charted

But can't get started with you

And at the golf course I'm under par

And all the movie

Wants me to star

I've got a house and a show place

But can't get no place with you

'Cause you're so supreme

The lyrics I write of you

Scheme just for the sight of you


'Bout day and night of you

But what good dose it do

In 1929

I've show so

En England I

Presented by cord

But you got me chahed

'Cause I get cold started

With you