Seasoned Lovers

Melissa McClelland2009年4月14日


Seasoned Lovers - Melissa McClelland (梅麗莎·梅卡萊德)

Snow snow snow


Covering the driveway


I'll go go go


Before you look away


Oh my quiet little town


So generic and familiar


Just like our love


It's pouring rain


And I don't have a jacket


You're a modern man


So you keep yours


The rain makes everything


So grey and heavy


Just like our love


We're seasoned lovers


We've done each other in


We've worn each other out


Oh losers never win


Losers never win


Shine shine shine


So we can sleep forever


Beneath the trees

And talk about the weather


On this empty street


There's nothing left to discover


Just like our love


Just like our love