Together Forever (Krush-Groove 4) (Live at Hollis Park, NYC - 1984)



Ayo man can we see them mics man

One two one two and I say

Party people your dreams have now been fulfilled

Get out your seats and let's get ill

That's right y'all we're not just rough we're more than tough

And when it comes to rhymes we got enough

It's like that y'all and we don't stop the body rock

Now it's together forever forever together

Run-D M C and we're tougher than leather

We're making and breaking and snatching and taking

The deal's for real we could never be faking

I'm chilling he's cooling I'm a king that's ruling

Preach and teach and always schooling

See we're learning and earning the tables keep turning

To be like us you could cold be yearning

Pulsating dominating up above

Cold chilling and I'm willing the name's Run-Love

Creating devastating in the place to be

Full of soul and mic control because it's easy to "D"

Beat making never faking chilling all of the time

For playing rhyme saying I get mine

No way to rock me no way to stop me

It's seems quite shocking to those that mock me

And that's not all MC's have the gall

To pray and plan for my downfall

But I'm not running I'm just stunning

Smart not stupid cause I'm so cunning

MC's regret it I'm upsetting

My recitals take titles and titles I'm betting

Like that y'all so just keep above

See my name is DJ Run they call me Run-Love

Creative creator creating the rhyme

Devastating devastator not doing a crime

Making beats every day and I get mine

The biggest star going far so check the shine

Big winner not a sinner when I do my thing

I might have a sling or a fling cause I'm down with the king

Biggest rap no crap I do not sing

You want a show let me know just give me your ring

Like that y'all we're just keeping it on

D M C my man to the break of dawn rock

I'm ill I chill with skill I kill

And none of my rhymes are run of the mill

I cause grief I'm chief there is no beef

And if there's beef I knock out teeth

MC's act dumb they know where I'm from

The King from Queens and I'm down with Run


I take a stand my man and I won't sit

Cause I'm the real deal like Coke is it

Then you won't find my name in the yellow page

Cause Run only speaks when it's on the stage

I got a rhyme in line that's easy to find

With a sketch so check so one of a kind

Got two MC's and one DJ

Grab at least 20 G's when we play

So D M C my boy my mellow my man

So get on the mic and won't you take the stand

My rock is hard you can't pull my card

I'm a shining star shining near and far

Shining like the sun on a day of fun

Always on the move cause I'm down with Run

I'm the cool and calm I'm the calm and cool

I'm not a fool I went to school

My name is D M C I tell no lie

And I graduated from Cooley High

I am the only rapper who will not die

I'm a greusome guy and you can try

To battle D M C but you must be high