Oh, Mother Of Mine

The Temptations2013年2月1日

Oh, Mother Of Mine - The Temptations (誘惑演唱組)

Oh mother

Oh mother of mine I've-I've been blind

The things that you tell me yeah I paid I really

Paid it no mind

Oh please oh please forgive me yes I know I was wrong

But now now I know yeah my place my place is at home

Can't you see I've been crying now

I need your advice mama yeah

Oh mama

Oh mama

Oh mama

How much about love you don't understand

Yes you know that you were wrong

Or when you thought you were wrong

Yes it was that young girl

She put you in such a whirl

Yeah I said mama don't you worry now yeah

I guess I had it coming to me anyhow yes I did


I am gonna do everything you say

Hmmm each and every day

I'm gonna be man

Yes I am Now that I understand

Hmmm I'm not gonna be no fool no more

Yeah because you told me so

Whoa mama

Oh mama

Oh mama

Come and tell me now

Oh tell me now