Good Morning Self

Jim Reeves2013年1月29日



Good Morning Self (自己 早上好) - Jim Reeves (吉姆·裏夫斯)

Ood morning self


How do you feel this morning


I must admit you don't look so pretty good


What made you say

The things you said to your darling last night

I bet you'll change

The things you said if you could


Good morning self

How do you feel now that she's gone


And we just stand here

You and me all alone


With nothing in this world but lonely


Although I cried your eyes are dry good morning Jim


Now don't try to pretend you don't remember


No need to lie about the way you treated her

Oh no

Just remember

I was there when it happened


And I heard those things you said

As she left


You're the only one to blame

But we both must share the pain

You know it's true she said we're through

Good morning self