Day And Night

Nina Simone2006年8月15日

Day And Night -Nina Simone


When you like a fellow


Try to treat him right


Give him your attention

Day and Night


When he starts to smilin'


And he's got you uptight


Shower him with kisses

Day and night


Tell him how you love him


Tell him he's out of sight


Then he'll know you dig him

Day and night


If he wants to leave you


And you think he might


Beg him not to leave you

Day and night


Tell him that you're lonely


Tell him that you're cold


Tell him that you need him

Here to (Satisfy your soul)


If he likes to dance now


Tell you what you do


When you see him comin' down the street

You start to (Do the bungaloo)


Oh no even when he's wrong


Tell him that he's righr


You can take the blame

Both day and night



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