The Temptations2008年8月4日

Masterpiece - The Temptations (誘惑演唱組)

Where I was born ev`rything was dull and dingy


I lived in a place they called "The Inner City"


Getting ahead was strictly a no no


'Cause nobody cares what happens to the folks

That live in the ghetto

Thousands of lives wasting away


People living from day to day


It`s a challenge just staying alive


`Cause in the ghetto only the strong survive


Broken down homes kids strung out


They don`t even know what life`s all about


Stealin` cars robbin` bars

Mugging drugs rat infested

And no one`s interested


Kids dodging cars for recreation

Only adds to a mother`s frustration


Break-ins folks comin` home


And finding all their possessions gone


Oh it`s an ev`ry day thing - well well - in the ghetto


Oh it`s an ev`ry day thing in the ghetto