Letter to Heaven

Dolly Parton2012年5月24日

Letter to Heaven - Dolly Parton

An old man was sitting at his table one day

Writing a letter to pass time away

His little granddaughter climbed up on his knee

Saying won't you please write a letter for me

Oh what must I say in this letter I pray

Tell mommy I miss her since she went away

I'm coming to see her real soon I hope

He chocked back a big lump that rouse in his throat


He sealed it and wrote on that big envelope

To god up in heaven you'll get it I hope

He stamped it and handed it to her to mail

Her big eyes were shining her little face pale

She was crossing the street to the box o'er the way

And when she stepped out Never looked either way

A big object hit her and sped away fast

The little girls prayers had been answered at last

The postman was passing

And picked up the note

Addressed to the master

And these words he spoke

Strait up into heave this letter did go

She's happy up there with her mommy I know