The Ave


The Ave - Run-DMC

These are the words that I wrote so I hope that ya don't man

I'll never joke about the coke that you're smokin'

Understand you're f**kin' up f**kin' up the block

Got shot rocked and that's just where the sh*t stops


What's the meaning of this I must be dreaming

Everybody's when I see men dealing

For a rhyme or rope or a dime of coke

Sometimes I rhyme when I'm crying broke

Many many many records broke laws broke jaws

A few months ago I had to pause during that time me and my man

Was chilling on the corner with a quart in our hands

A beef broke out at Soul Kitchen spot

It was crazy Baby Pop someone got shot

I seen him drop then came the cops sayin'

"Nobody run everybody stop" I wanted to run

'Cause I was carryin' my gun

Darryl Mack packin mine strapped with my nine

Everyone on the wall that's what the cop said

"Everyone complied except Bald Dread" he said

"Blood cleat boi me nah hafa deal wit' dat

Yo I'm a superstar for de world dem call I'm Darryl Mack"


I turned around and said "Word up cop "

He said "D M C take your a** down the block"

If it happened to him it could happen to you

'Cause that's what's happenin' on The Avenue

When I uh uh uh uh uh na na na na na The Ave


Now on The Ave what people steal and they dealin' away

I got the feelin' the illin' will never ever pay

'Cause on the street you're never in the fast lane

You go to jail or get a bullet in your brain

People laugh and smile at a stick up

A young man in a rut shakin' a big cup

People pass his a** and say "Tough luck"

To waste time for a dime is cold f**ked up

A loud shot in the air not rare

A brother fell to the ground nobody cares

You ask why the baby cry a man laugh

Nobody give a damn that's how they livin' on The Ave uh


Away from The Ave they have what's called the backstreet's

Another world of girls that crawl the backseats

Systems that are kickin' sinkin' many black beats

This and that goin' on street

I remember the time there was a jam in the music

No till after dark that's when the sh*t starts happening

Brother from The Ave this and that again

Body move in the back and a quarter in the jar

Find the rules by the basketball court in the park

And the by the bench where the 40 dogs spark

The crowd crowds around like they found Noah's Ark

The young hung and swung on a swing

Glidin' and slidin' and ride the ding a ling

I didn't see a kid by the see so he saw

Near the monkey bars funky cars we adore

I'm throwin' fate to the gate

And my man from Japan got wicked for sure

Do me a favor when you roll with your crew

You gotta check out check out The Avenue