The Shot-Gun Boogie

Tennessee Ernie Ford, Kay Starr, Eddie Kirk2012年3月13日

The Shot- Gun Boogie - Tennessee Ernie Ford/Kay Starr/Eddie Kirk

There it stands in the corner

With the barrel so straight

I looked out the winder and over the gate

The big fat rabbits are jumpin' in the grass

Wait 'till they hear my old shotgun blast

Shotgun boogie I done saw your track


Look out Mr Rabbit when

I cock my hammer back


Well over on the ridge is a scaly bark

Hickory nuts so big you can see'em in the dark

The big fat squirrels they scratch and they fight

I'll be on that ridge before daylight

With a shotgun boogie all I need is one shot


Look out bushy-tails tonight you'll be in the pot


Well I met a pretty gal she was tall and thin

I asked her what she had she said a Fox four-ten


I looked her up and down said boy this is love

So we headed for the brush to shoot a big fat dove

Shotgun boogie boy the feathers flew


Look out Mr Dove when she draws a bead on you


I sat down on a log took her on my lap

She said wait a minute bud you got to see my pap

He's gotta sixteen gauge choked down like a rifle

He don't like a man that's gonna trifle

Shotgun boogie draws a bead so fine


Look out big boy he's loaded all the time


Well I called on her pap

Like a gentleman oughter

He said no brush hunter's

Gonna get my daughter

He cocked back the hammer right on the spot

When the gun went off I outrun the shot

Shotgun boogie I wanted weddin' bells


I'll be back little gal

When your pappy runs out of shells