Dig You Later

Perry Como2002年7月23日

Dig You Later - Perry Como (佩裏·科莫)

Written by:McHugh, Adamson

It's always fair weather


When hep cats get together


And every time they meet


Here's the way youll hear them greet greet


A hubba-hubba-hubba Hello Dad

Well a hubba-hubba-hubba

I just got back

Well a hubba-hubba-hubba

Let's shoot some breeze

Say whatever happened to the Japanese

Hmm a hubba-hubba-hubba haven't you heard


A hubba-hubba-hubba slip me the word

I got it from a guy who was in the kno

It was mighty smoky over Tokyo


A friend of mine in a B-29 dropped another load for luck


As he flew away he was heard to say


A hubba-hubba-hubba yuk yuk

Well I gotta go fishin

Thats ok well give you our permission and well say


A hubba-hubba-hubba on your way

And I will dig you later in the USA

Ta dah dah dee dee dee ta dee dee

Ta dah dah hi hi hi tee dee dee


A hubba-hubba-hubba


I just got in

A hubba-hubba-hubba

Well give me some skin

Well you're lookin' mighty purdy Miss Curly Locks

I'm the grand old girly of the bobby socks


Hmm yuttata yuttata yuttaton you talk big


Well I'm the fresh tomata you can't dig


Let's have a heart to hearta and you'll decide

I'm a chick what's really on the solid side


You knock me flat you're the kind of a cat

Makes me wanta blow my top


Till the end of time


And if you feel that way

Tell me what you say

A hubba-hubba-hubba muk muk

Well now you're really talkin

You're no square

You can't be from Weehawken

Hmm hmm Delaware


You got a line of jive that's really zoo

Well I'll dig you later baby you're all root


You're the kind of cat wears a sharp cravat

And you really know your stuff


If you feel that way

Tell me what you say

A hubba-hubba-hubba ruff ruff

A getta long a little mousy with the great big eyes

Well if you're lookin' for a spousey

Why you're just my size

Mister how you love to blubber

With that knock out squawk

Seems your lips are made of rubber

Every time you talk

Oh no no no hubba-hubba

Yes yes yes hubba-hubba

Bop bop bop hubba-hubba

A what you kno A what you kno

A what you say A what you say

I say I'll dig you later baby in the USA



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