Midnight Log

The Clash2013年9月9日

Midnight Log - The Clash (碰撞樂隊)

Working for the devil you'll have to pay his tax

That means going to see him down among the racks

You don't believe in him but he can wait for you

You do his work so fine he'll remember you


He'll remember you


Worried for my friend as he shows me round the flat

Where I don't wanna find him his lips an' eyelids black

He don't believe my speech that lines can and should be drawn

Like if he had a shotgun the barrels would be spawn

The barrels would be spawn


Swallowed by the river swollen by the rains

That leaking' old computer of fingerprints and names

Swimming in the river that floods the neighborhood

I would call to you but it would do no good

But it would do no good


Voting for the law that's the general occupation


First comes the public safety second comes the nation

You won't believe me now but there's been some illumination

The wisest cops have realized they f**ked the operation

They f**k


Cooking up the books a respected occupation

The anchor and foundation of multi-corporations


They don't believe in crime they don't know that it exists

But to understand what's right and wrong the lawyers work in shifts

The lawyers work in shifts


And speaking of the devil he ain't been seen for years

'Crept every 20 min he zooms between me ears

I don't believe in books but I read all the time

For ciphers to the riddles and reasons to the rhymes

Reasons to the rhymes rhyme