Learnin' My Latin

Patti Page2013年1月24日


Learnin' My Latin - Patti Page (帕蒂·佩奇)

Mix some kindness with some fun


Then add a touch of April sun


Blend with a soft spoken word

And when you're done


You'll have a happiness cocktail

I'll have a happiness cocktail


Pour some laughter in your brew


Plus a stolen kiss or two


Then add an open fire and a dream

And when you're through


You'll have a happiness cocktail

Yes yes yes

When your wife beats you just say


My dear you're looking younger everyday


And get that tired look off your face


You're just as good as any other man is

Good good good


If the dreams you dream aren't coming true


And happiness seems overdue


Give me your hand

And I'll tell you what I'll do


I'll make a happiness cocktail just for you