Radical Face2015年11月6日

West - Radical Face

Familiar ground's a distant thing


When you travel vague and crooked roads


And the sun's a scab on vacant skies


Now we always hope we're still alone


There's too much time for idle minds


Imagination's armed with hooks and knives


We count our fears to pass the time


Tired or not don't close your eyes


A picket fence


A painted house


A quiet life


One where our days are calm


And night's are spent in kind


One where our hopes and dreams


Are attainable things


One where time can't reach


Gain half the plains now

Cut mountain chains down

Sleep when you can

You can't know how the night's fall

Things will be better there

Things will be good there


Don't stop to think

Just chase the dream we're chasing


I smell the fireplace


Warm light a warm face

A quiet life

A life a life a life a life

A life along the breeze


The dogs came at midnight


Guns drawn and eye's bright


I heard them laughin'


Black voices scratchin'


Black wind they move like


Our lives ain't worth the millions


As dog's tear the canvas


Flies on the carcass


But it buys the time we need


The dogs came at midnight


The dogs came at midnight


The dogs came at midnight


And I always hear them laughing