Gulf Coast Blues

Ella Fitzgerald2017年4月13日

Gulf Coast Blues - Ella Fitzgerald (埃拉·菲茨傑拉德)

I've been blue all day


My man's gone away


He left his mama cold


For another gal I'm told


I've tried to treat him kind


I thought he would be mine


That man I hate to lose


That's why mama's got the blues


The man that I love he has left me in this town


The man I love has gone and left me in this town


And if it keeps on snowing I will be gulf coast bound


Mailman passed but he didn't leave no news


The mailman's passed but he didn't leave no news


I tell the world he left me crying those gulf coast blues


These men up north honey sure do make me tired


These men up north they surely do make me tired


They've got a mouth full of gimme and a handful of much obliged