Not Just Another Groove


Not Just Another Groove - Run-DMC

One two one two and I say

I go by the name of Jam Master Jay

And the Hollis Crew we here to stay believe that

Hey as we let the music play

Pay attention and listen as I mention

A recital of mic to speeches

From the book of the 40 Ounces

Of the most powerful words ever spoken

Topsy turvy they try to serve me

Disturb me curve me boy they never heard me

Slammin jammin I be bammin'

Makin takin breakin and rammin'

Run got a beef with those that cold think that

Sun and the moon and soon you will drink that

Wine for the rhyme that I'm not a stink brat

Run havin fun my son just where the ink's at

Up on the top I pop and drop you feel

So low you go for Joe you know what the deal

I might just strike tonight and make you say

Run ran the place with bass and bust bootay

Go check the clock I rock your jock so hard

Make you feel the deal is I'm top card

Come in my face and bass and I might just

And it's not not not just another groove

Not just another

Ah yeah one two one two Jam Master Jay

Hollis Crew here to stay Auggh


Afros 40 Ounce Crew in effect word up

Bout to break ya neck with another groove

Kick it D


Check out the lyric hear it cheer it fear it

So loud and clear that you can't come near it

Words are heard I never speak the weak

You pissed me off now I'm takin a leak

I kill at will thrill top bill

I'm makin a mill and damn I'm still

Makin history on the m i c

And for the young ladies a ni**a like D'll

Be waxin taxin no relaxin breakin backs

And bustin raps and I'll be strapped

In my Cadillac and you know that for a fact

I'm strapped with rap but yo I'm also

Record breakin never flakin wide awake

And titles I'm takin and I'll be makin

Ladies groove cause I prove I can soothe when they

Ooooh this one's called not just another groove

Not just another


Not just another


Not just another one not just another one


Deliverin I'll deliver and give ya

Whatcha been waitin one two three for/four

This is the gift of the gab

That I had when I came out the lab

The masterpiece was released

Let's cease the beef and all those misbeliefs

That we can't do our thing on a positive tip

I'm tryin to tell ya

It's been a long time we need a change

Time for things to be rearranged

Time to get our act together

Whoever's clever or better never let

Another brother or sister get dissed cause they missed the

Knowledge and wisdom and damn I wish ya

Get with the Stop the Violence move

Won'tcha hear me say peace and it's not just another groove

Yeah Jay I just wanna say whassup to the brothers and sisters out there

Yeah it's not just another groove