We're so Close (2015 Remaster) (2015 Remastered)

Carly Simon2015年11月20日

We're So Close (2015 Remastered) - Carly Simon

I've lived in all of the houses he's built

The one in the air

The one underground

The one on the water

The one in the sand


He says it doesn't matter how we live it


He says it doesn't matter where we live


We're so close we can dispense with houses


We don't need a home at all


It's come to be a habit with me to dine alone

You're never home

And the evenings end so early

He says we can be close from afar


He says the closest people always are


We're so close that in our separation


There's no distance at all


Sometimes I go out to the car turn on the headlights


Intending to leave

Oh sometimes I need to hear the words


My imagination's not as strong as you'd believe

But I've talked to you


You haven't listened at all

I've said I'm numb

I can't even cry

I'm stuck with acting out a part


He says what do words ever reveal


He says in speaking one can be so false


We're so close we have a silent language


We don't need words at all


There's a husky voice


That speaks to me in the dark

And on the phone from studios and westside bars

Through tunnels of long distance


He says we're beyond flowers

He says we're beyond compliments


We're so close we can dispense with love

We don't need love at all