Lonely Street (Live)


Lonely Street (Live) - Kansas


Written by:David Hope


Sometimes when I'm walking down this lonely street


Well it sure don't seem like spent twenty years


Since I went walking down this lonely street


And the smell of perfumed ladies filled the air


This street ain't got no name dead end is in the river


And I lived where I hated life day by day


There wasn't nothing I could do to shake a cold night shiver


'Cause to move up Lonely Street you had to have some say


Gambling is bad luck down on Lonely Street


And it sure ain't no place to be when a man gets sore


You know I killed a man and I paid all I can


With twenty years on a chain gang


For the flesh and the blood on that jailhouse floor


Sometimes when I'm walking down this lonely street


I get caught up in a dream that won't let me go


And as the bright lights flash up and down this lonely street


My mind rolls back the years long time ago


I see my baby stumblin' around with tears in her eyes


And as I reach out for her she falls on the floor


She mumbles through bloody lips about a bad man robber raper


And in my gut I know I got one to score


My baby is gone


My baby is gone


She is gone


I know she is gone


I need somebody


I sure need somebody


I give me sombody


Some old love


The word was comin' down down on Lonely Street


That the bad man was a dead man if he crossed my trail


Every night I'd walk up and down this Lonely Street


I get stinkin' drunk and always in jail


One night they threw me in with a man they called the mangler


He was caught on the street makin' some old whore


I remember he was quite proud of that


So half crazed I shot him


And I cried in the blood on that jailhouse floor