Yankee Doodle Never Went to Town

Billie Holiday2013年8月6日


Yankee Doodle Never Went to Town - Billie Holiday (比莉.荷莉戴)

Written by:B. Hanighen

Yankee doodle never went to town

I just discovered the story was phony


Let me give you all the real low down

He didn't even own a pony


He was really very short and fat

While in the story so skinny and many

And so hungry that he ate his hat

And called the felt macaroni


Underneath the chestnut tree


He and the blacksmith would sip that tea


Then he'd bring out his uniform down

That's how he went to town


Yankee doodle tried to leave one day

Took his belongings and mounted his saddle

But he never got it on his way

Cause he didn't have a pony

And the fairy tale is phony

How could yankee doodle go to town



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