Mr. Ugly (Remastered)

Aretha Franklin1963年8月12日


Mr Ugly - Aretha Franklin


Haunt my house Mr Ugly


I know how beautiful you are


When you hold me tight


Rainbow spill the night


Tell me are you my lucky star


Play your guitar my Mr Ugly


Your melodies are so divine


Winter spring to me


When you sing to me


You serenade this heart of mine


You don't scare me just to look at you


I crawl across the great divide


Although you're small to me


You're so tall


When you kiss me my heart opens wide

Oh wide

Oh don't make me cry my Mr Ugly


Cling to me never never ever let me go


Make my life complete


Dance me off my beat


Tell me the things I need to know


Mr Ugly




You're not ugly


To me any more