It Happens Everyday

Carly Simon2014年6月17日

It Happens Everyday - Carly Simon

Written by:Carly Simon

It happens everyday


Two lovers with the best intentions to stay


Together the decide to separate


Just how it happens


Neither is certain


But it happens everyday


It happens everyday


After you break up


You say these words to your friends


How could I have loved that boy

He was so bad to me in the end


Well you make him a liar

Turn him into a robber


Well it happens everyday


But I don't regret that I loved you


How I loved you I will never forget


And in time I would run and remember


Boy that I knew when we first met


Still it happens everyday

Two lovers turn and twist their love into hate


But am I so different from that young girl you used to date


You used to adore me


You used to adore me


Still it happens everyday woo everyday yeah yeah yeah