This Is My Poker Face ---> :) (8-5-2016|Live in St. Louis)

Mike Posner, The Legendary Mike Posner Band2018年1月26日



This Is My Poker Face ---> :) (8-5-2016|Live in St. Louis) - Mike Posner/The Legendary Mike Posner Band

Written by:Mike Posner

Are you into tent


Are we everything hope for




Cause screaming and smiling really will be go for no more


Without to being in a cold world


My own eagle


I'm floating under ocean observed the season


No sure


I got text from my ex


He said in the artist


By definition


Can never belong


The bird is not singing because has the answer


It sing become he has the song


Maybe my sound's the songs


And my microphone is point God's figure


Maybe I'm perfect wearing the mask of pop singer


Maybe I'm so seal pie


Hoping the main straight media pays me next


Maybe I'm fake


I'm just here for the money and free sex


Maybe I'm just tryna get my tour bus


Moving this fast this earth beans


But in the up of the direction


You're finally feel like I'm standing still then


Maybe I want the break and ligament


I'm David real and cognate


Maybe I just send to figure out how to separate


My love my hate


Me maybe my bath too high


That's my heart

Still on the shelf


Maybe I'm just scared of putting time to commitment


Into anything but myself


Maybe beauty is more easily seem by the untrained guy


Maybe impossible to be the voice of generation


And somebody's boy friend that the same time


Maybe I head for disaster


I'm insane tours have


Maybe I'm on the tippy song magnificent


Only time will tell


Maybe having no stake


Has becoming my stake


Maybe I only smile on stage


And back there I'm stake


Maybe I never took upon that easier


I made it up


I know it sells


You are here


Maybe my poisoners are fate man

Mama there somebody else


Maybe I'm luminary


And mess mentation and engineer


Maybe I really am my poisoner


One six of the dogs f**king been you ever hear


Maybe I was looks like


Got move like a slower pace


I never tell you who I really knew


Because this


This is my poker face