Mademoiselle De Paris

Andy Williams2013年6月19日


Mademoiselle De Paris - Andy Williams (安迪·威廉斯)

Written by:Henri Contet/Paul Durand/Eric Maschwitz/Mitchell Parish


When you stroll down the rue de la paix


On a beautiful morning in May


It is heaven on earth you'll agree


Just to meet Mademoiselle De Paris


She has got a style famous in town


Even her smile goes with her gown


Bonjour Mademoiselle bon appetit


Comme tu es belle


That means how sweet

She's so chic and adorable

No one thinks it deplorable

When men all turn around just to see

Mademoiselle De Paris


You bet girls get a kick from her

Learn each cute little trick from her

In their hearts they would all like to be

Mademoiselle De Paris


Light of heart fancy free


She's the spirit of spring in Paris


She got clothes with a zing to 'em

She's got curves and they cling to 'em

Sheer silk stockings and shoes number three

Mademoiselle De Paris


When she frowns there's disdain in it

When she smile there is champagne in it

She breaks hearts and collects the debris

Mademoiselle De Paris

She is only more Paris

Who was say to love more to me


Scoby doo

Scoby dee


Oh ahh ahh

Mademoiselle De Paris

Oh la la

Ah oui oui


So you better


Mademoiselle De Paris