Bus-A-Bus (Interlude) [feat. Busta Rhymes] (Amended LP Version)

Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes2001年5月15日



Bus-A-Bus(Interlude) (Amended LP Version) - Missy Elliott (蜜西·艾莉特)/Busta Rhymes (布斯塔·瑞恩)

Yes in deed yes in deed

Out this mothaf**ka back with the

Right foot steppin in first and the left foot steppin

In after I go by the

Devine atureboot of bus a bus down suttin other wise

Known as busta motha

F**king rhymes out this b**ch you know me


'Cause I'm in the spot I love it

B**ch kiss up on a maf**ka I luv

It the way when I piss up on a maf**ka

Maf**ka they need to chill relax what yaw need to

Do is listen up maf**ka so



We begin to get you addictive to the sh*t that's

So addictive make sure you got your

Peoples with you


You know one of your peoples that stay

Sober you know to make sure

You get home safely


'Cause we about to take it

There maf**ka's


Miss e

Missdameanor elliot