Barbara Allen

The Everly Brothers2013年1月7日

Barbara Allen - The Everly Brothers

Twas in the merry month of May

When flowers were a-bloomin'

Sweet Willie on his deathbed lay

For the love of Barbara Allen

He sent his servant to the town

The town where she did dwell in

Saying "Master dear has sent me here

It remained for Barbara Allen"

Then slowly slowly she got up

And slowly she went to him

And all she said when she got there

"Young man I think you're dying"

"Oh don't you remember the other day

When we were in the tavern

You drank your health to the ladies there

And you slighted Barbara Allen"

He turned his face unto the wall

He turned his back upon her

"Adieu Adieu To all my friends

Be kind to Barbara Allen"

She looked to the east She looked to the west

She saw his corpse a-comin'

"Oh sit him down for me" she cried

"That I may gaze upon him"

The more she looked the more she grieved

She bursted out to cryin'

Sayin' "pick me up and carry me home

For I feel like I am dyin'"

They buried Willie in the old churchyard

And Barbara in the new one

From Willie's grave there grew a rose

From Barbara's a green briar

They grew and grew to the old church wall

And could not grow no higher

And there they died in a true love-knot

The rosebush and the briar



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