Confessin' the Blues

Chuck Berry2012年1月1日


Confessin' The Blues (懺悔布魯斯) - Chuck Berry (查克·貝里)

Baby here I stand before you

With my heart in my hand

I put it to you mama

Hoping that you'll understand

Oh baby

Mama please don't dog me 'round

I would rather love you baby

Than anyone else I know in town

This is my confession Mama

And it's sung by all your song

It proves that I'm in heaven

When you hold me in your arms

Well baby

Can I have you for myself

Yeah if I can't have you baby

I don't want nobody else

Oh when my days are long and dreary

And the sun refuse to shine

I would never weep low and lonely

If I knew that you were mine

Well baby

Make everything alright

And I have you too baby

Or will it be tomorrow night


Well baby

Don't you want a man like me

Well baby

Don't you want a man like me

You think only about the future

Forget it about your used to be