Mother Freedom

The Hit Crew2013年2月19日



Mother Freedom - The Hit Crew

Freedom - keep walkin'

Keep on your toesand don't stop talkin' 'bout

Freedom - get goin'

Lots to be learned and lots to be knowin' 'bout

People - gotta reach 'em

Sit 'em right down and then you gotta teach 'em 'bout

Freedom - gotta win it

Gotta put yourself smack dab in it

Hey tomorrow


Now don't you go away


'Cause freedom


Just might come your way


Freedom - keep tryin'

People stay alive and people keep dyin' for

Freedom - so don't lose it

Ya gotta understand ya just can't abuse it

Freedom - get movin'

Never gonna stop till everybody's groovin' on

Love for - one another

Callin' some friend and callin' some brother

Hey tomorrow


You're not so far away


Mother freedom


We'll know you well someday