Intro (Album Version)

LL Cool J2002年1月1日

Intro (Album Version) - LL Cool J

Wassup ya

This is free and today I have the pleasure

Of grillin' and talkin' to the one an' only LL Cool J

Welcome LL how you doin'

What's so free was gonna be

Oh good tell me how to behave with you

We're on the verge of a tenth album

Temp Joint

From LL

Ya Temp Joint feel great about it


Happy you know what I am sayin'

So yell me what this album means to you

It's like a milestone in my career it's just

An opportunity to just show the world

That you can do anything you put your mind to

Because I'm being you know

It just kind of makes me think about when I first signed a

Signed a Def Jam and my first album

And my first deal was for ten albums

Were okay

And here I am you know my Temp album

Just like we talked about

It's it's amazing