Stoned Is the Way of the Walk

Cypress Hill1993年7月17日

Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk - Cypress Hill

Stoned is the way of the Walk


Stoned is the way of the Walk


Well it's the Alley Cat puffin' on a hootie rat

Some think I'm a criminal

But yo I ain't all of that

Hit'cha with the baseball bat

An' ya wanna ill though

Wanna mess around

You get f**ked on the hill bro

Kick it like a steel toe real slow

Hits from the bong

Make me feel like Cheech

And I'm kickin' it wit' Chong

Just like Cheech & Chong frontin' with "Ice Cream"

Cypress Hill is here to give you a nice dream

Speak it like a rolla' and you know it's rolled tightly


I'm like the funky beat so why ya tryin' ta fight me

Pigs often site me that's not polite G

And any hour of the day ya know I might be

Harassed by a pig real fast


They wanna Rodney King me

Always tryin'a crown my a**

Ain't got no class(Sen Dog: No Class)

I hit they' a** like the buddah thats stinkey

They wanna' scruff but they' just so rinky-dinky

I'm the freaka the one who freaks the funk

Sen gotts the Philly an' he's gonna light the blunt

Sippin' curfew makes koo-koo me go

Somthin' like loco then turn in to this loocoo

Binggin the beta yea now the funk is risen

Got the beta bass and the nasal highzen

As I kick atrip it comin' straight from my siness

Crazy nasal vocals cannot make the hotties loco

I rimemba sista Maggie breast were kinda saggy

Used to sell me buddah outta f**ked up little

Honeyd up a twenty even when I had no money

She said "Pay me back with some latin dick Sonnie"

Well I neva' went out and I don' thnk I'm gonna

Just for some buddah she wanted me ta bone her

Deminin' Ya think ya meanin'

I got somethin' for the hoes ta be skeamin' on

I'm the Buddah-Real take a trip ta hoota'ville

I'll throw ya out the door of my big blue Siville

Then light another joint

This ain't no exploition (poin't)

Cause we are the ones stonein' in the ways of the mastas


Stoned is the way of the walk


Stoned is the way of the walk


Stoned is the way of the walk


Stoned is the way of the walk


Hit they hit they a**

Make the buddah get stinkey


Wooooo Woooo


Alas Cap'in there's a ship in sight

Blast 'em Huhu