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Pieces Of Dreams

Barbra Streisand2004年7月13日


Pieces Of Dreams - Barbra Streisand (芭芭拉·史翠珊)

Little boy lost

In search of little boy found

You go on wondering wandering

Stumbling tumbling 'round 'round

When will you find

What's on the tip of your mind

An' why are you blind

To all you ever were never were really are nearly are

Little boy false

In search of little boy true

Will you be ever done

Traveling always unraveling you you

Running away

Could leave you farther astray

And as for fishing in streams for pieces of dreams

Those pieces will never fit what is the sense of it

Little boy blue

Don't let your little sheep roam

It's time come blow your horn

Meet them on look and see can you be far from home