P.E. 2000

P. Diddy1999年8月24日



P. E. 2000 - Diddy (吹牛老爹)

Hey yo puff check this out pa

I'm tired of niggas hating on a mutha f**ka


Let's take it to the next millennium on these b**ches


You got to keep bubblin on em

Platinum doublin on em f**k these niggas


Hey yo I bumped into these cat an' they was like

Yeah what up wit that ni**a puff he swear he nice

I said yo the brother don't swear he nice he knows he nice

You public enemy number one right now

But f**k that there spit that hydro ghetto sh*t

Let's go


That's that sh*t right here whom shall I fear

Throw your guns in the air

Socialize get down let your ssoouull lead the way

Cause i'm that enemy that you can't see

But you wanna be you ain't sh*t to me

Playa It ain't hard for you to get to me

Playa my real dogs they'll spit for me

So if you want what's mine you gots to have the heart

I've seen em come and I've seen em part

If you ain't want beef then why did you start

Front from the light catch shots after dark

Suffer duck or you'll catch these

On the spot red dots make em all believe

Ain't nobody kicking the rhymes like these

See I do the things that they can't achieve

So don't start bassin' n' I'll start pacing

Bets on that you'll be disgracing

More hotter than the sun

I'm living on the run

Because i'm public enemy number one


One one one one one one

One one one one one one

Let me ask you what you got against me

Is it my girl or is it the bentley

Is it my house or maybe its all three

I just came up and you're all against me

Now ask yourself why is he number one

Now ask yourself who's done what he's done

Then ask yourself you're fit for the long run

You think its a game cause you f**ked the wrong one

Always with god and I don't swing solo

Never back down when I gotta throw dolo

Wanna see me out but I just won't go though

Pretty young things wanna have my photo

One in the room hangin' on the wall

In rememberance that I rocked 'em all

Got no time for those that think small

Grill me in the club cause they can't ball

Hate shot callers

Hate them ballers

Back in control now I call orders

It's no fun fleeing under the gun

Cause they got me public enemy number one


One one one one one one

One one one one one one


All you suckers liars court testifiers

Wanna infiltrate and break my empire

I spit lines hit rhymes

Keep dimes sweating

Giving them the juice that they're not gettin'

A bona fide playa now who got the flavor

A non stop rhythm rock poetry sayer


I'm the life saver the New York mayor

Before you try me you better say your prayers

My word to the wise is do not cry

You know that i'm gone then say don't die

I take what I find put a beat to they rhyme

Thought it was over but I crept from behind

Wanna try to stop me from speaking my mind

Almost 2000 and running out of time

Almost to the point when I wanna bust nines

A lot of strange faces I can only trust mine

Soldiers in position all on the front line

Don't make a move till I give them the sign

Known as the poetical lyrical miracle son


Because i'm public enemy number one

One one one one one one

One one one one one one


Yeah yeah that's right puff

That's what I'm talkin about love

Sparklin and glistenin on these motherf**kers

These niggas is walkin around like little b**ches

Talkin about what you got and what they ain't got

They got a little jealous and wanna bring you down


But f**k dat they just mad

Cause you got all the ladies

And you pushin them bentleys not mercedes bentleys

You know and thats just the way the story goes


And thats just the way the story goes


F**k you niggas and hoes

You think i'ma come this far and let you niggas stop me now


Haha picture that number one number one number one

B i g forever rock on