Smash Lies (Album Version)



Songs Title:smash lies


Dream awake make no mistake


Strive to be alive most everyday

You can listen stereo or monotone

Mega phone mellow drone dj with delay

Relay super surfer high stereo sound

Radio station super space nation fight the foe

This one's about to blow up

I'm 2 flus over the kookoo's nest and won't rest

Bless up with no vest with a shield to protect

Smash lies wake up stand up and jump off to this


Some piece of mind from the daily grind


Find lines to move guys rely on a vision

Filled with rhymes the room is filled with villains and ghost

We toast and coast to the next host

Many boast of battles won and the day is fading fast

The work is passed through the self destruction

Why you wanna burn why you wanna drown

Why you wanna die by the highway

The front lines intertwine


We'll bounce over beats and rock shows

So fast so slow never know where the day may go

Bounce and we bubble over hills and valleys

We go through the fields of green in between destinies


Or just get high nah there's no need


No need to feed on the scraps of the enemy


Where's the bad guy on the inside one day I might try