Imagine That (Live)

Patsy Cline2013年3月25日



Imagine That (幻想) (Live) - Patsy Cline (佩茜·克萊恩)

Written by:Tubb Justin/Justin Tubb

Imagine me still loving you


After all you've put me thru


Well I can't help it I just do

Imagine that and that's not the half

Imagine this if you can


I've stood more than I should stand


But I'd still take you back again


Imagine that ain't that a laugh


Can you believe I'd swallow my pride

Well yes yes I guess you can


Cause you know you've always had my foolish heart


Right in the palm of your hand

So for what it's worth to you

It just don't matter what you might do


Cause I'm still be waiting and loving you


Imagine that ain't that a laugh