Mr. Webster

The Monkees2005年11月22日


Mr. Webster - The Monkees (頑童合唱團)

Everyone in town knew Mr Webster


He worked at the bank for forty years


And each week Mr Frisby made his check out


For sixty eight dollars clear


And through the years he thwarted twenty seven robberies


Each time Frisby promised him a raise


They gave a retirement party for Mr Webster


And everyone from the bank was there


They had a cake and flowers ordered special


And frisby had a speech prepared


And a little white box that held a watch with this inscription


To Mr Webster with regards


Then came the telegram from Mr Webster


Said sorry stop cannot attend


I've flown away and taken all your money


Wish you were here to help me spend


And one by one all the people left the party


And Mr Frisby locked the door